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Welcome to Crushproof 

Our shop, located in central Austin, is dedicated to the repair, restoration and performance modification of Muscle Cars, Classic Cars and Hot Rods.  We appreciate working with anyone that enjoys the hobby, and treat all cars with the same respect whether it is a '67 Mustang Fastback, a '32 roadster or a 51 Chevy pick up that just needs to keep on living it's life.  We don't just restore cars, we offer full repair services.



 If your classic car needs a simple tune up, your muscle car finally is going to get that disc brake conversion, or you are considering a major project, send us an email, give us a call, or drop by the shop.  We always have a variety of cars on hand, and you can see the work in progress. 



This was a frame off restoration just completed and delivererd.  As the body was being stripped to metal, it became apparent how much rust repair was going to be required in the back half of the car, the easiest of which was replacing the entire drivers quarter panel to the jams with an original quarter as a donor.  The aftermarket replacements are not workable.   The engine is an aluminum headed 462 stroker built by Larry Shultz, with 690 horsepower, and an amazing 750 foot pounds of torque on pump gas.  The car handles amazingly well on a rebuilt chassis using current standards in suspension and steering replacement parts, with no modifications.  


1936 Cabriolet

This car was bought a few months back at a major auction, but on it's inuagarel voyage the brakes failed, and it was stopped by a vintage feed truck.  All the collision damage has been repaired, incluiding the grill, grill moldings, and the customer decided to go ahead and repaint the entire car.  

The brakes had been rebuilt with parts from a 1936 Truck, and simply didn't work.  By great fortune, we found all the NOS parts for the system, and have restored the system to original.  

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